Our multidisciplinary team of highly experienced senior

  • physiotherapists (also known as physical therapists)
  • hand therapists
  • sports massage therapists
  • TCM acupuncturists

work closely together as a complete and multi-approach healing team to heal your sports injuries and pains and get your back to sports and playing at top condition.

Be it from

  1. an earlier injury or condition, or
  2. a new (acute) sports or orthopedic injury, or
  3. preparing for a surgery (pre-surgery physiotherapy or hand therapy) or
  4. pain relief and management from ongoing stubborn chronic pain
  5. physiotherapy post surgery to accelerate recovery

we’ve got you covered.

Our expert therapists is both dedicated to your recovery plus we have decades of experience and skill in injury treatment, pain management and proven treatments to address all your bone, muscle, joint, tendon, ligament and cartilage pains and injuries.

Safely, strategically and systematically.


Sports physiotherapy in clinics play a vital role in

  1. treating injuries, relieving both acute and chronic pain and
  2. equally or more importantly, to prevent future sports injuries and pain

Treatment helps athletes and active individuals to quickly get back on their feet to workout, play and perform at peak, and regular management / maintenance prevents recurring pain or injuries.

The reason why I shared earlier on multi-disciplinary team and approach is because sports injuries and pains does better with a multi-disciplinary approach to properly assess and holistically treat the sports conditions that affects athletes / active individuals of different activities and sports.

A footballer’s injuries and training is very different from a bowler’s, and is very different from a dancer.

Our physio and hand therapy team will help you get back to playing without pain, maintain your active movement lifestyle by treating the sports injuries and pains first, then work on any areas of weaknesses in your body (such as muscle imbalance, insufficient high balance etc) that gets in your way of achieving and maintaining your fitness goals.

Our tried-and-tested physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM and sports massage combination has made us a trusted physio and hand therapy clinic for many active individuals as well as athletes in Singapore.


Our experienced physios and hand therapists work closely with active individuals and athletes to design activity- and sports-specific physio, strength and conditioning programs,

  1. after injuries
  2. if you have recurring or chronic pain
  3. pre-surgery strengthening
  4. post-surgery recovery

They are personalized to you, your goals, your fitness level before, abilities and more. Treating the pain is just the tip of the iceberg (the beginning), from there we will treat the injury, then work on the deficits / weaknesses and then sports-specific training, for both performance and prevention of future (re)injuries.

Pain Relief Physiotherapy

Most active individuals and especially athletes will definitely get injured and injuries along their sporting career. Most of these injuries tend to be minor, and some more severe ones may be more stubborn, becoming chronic.

Our team helps to treat and manage these kind of chronic sports injury pain, using a combination of manual therapy, dry needling, ultrasound therapy, shockwave therapy, deep tissue release therapy and others, depending on what the physio or hand therapist prescribe.

You may even need a customized splint or insole.

There’s other healing / treatment modalities, and we’d select the ones that will best serve your injury and pain recovery needs, of course.

Injury & Pain Prevention

Like I shared earlier, it’s one thing to treat the injury and provide pain relief / management, but I want to seriously highlight the need to focus a chunk of our attention on prevention and preventative, proactive physiotherapy.

Prevention is always, always, better than cure.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists, hand therapists, massage therapists and TCM acupuncturist will work with you, the active individual / athlete, your coach and your sports medicine or orthopedic doctor to ensure that we’re all aligned to treat your injury, pains and preventing future injuries.

If you need an orthopedic doctor recommendation in Singapore, go here.

Physio & Hand Therapy for Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

Sometimes you may need or opt for injections or surgery, and that’s okay too when necessary – we will standby you and support you by

  • preparing you and your injury part (pre-surgery)
  • recovery of strength, range of motion, power, stamina and back to sports AFTER the surgery or injection

Every injury is considered unique and we will take the time to deep-dive to assess, diagnose before formulating a customized treatment program that we will do with you.



There’s 2 types of prehabilitation:

1) Pre-SURGERY PREHABilitation

As I shared earlier, sometimes injections or surgeries are necessary, and if you’re ever in that position, you will benefit a lot from a series of pre-surgery physiotherapy to build upon your

  • power / strength
  • stamina
  • range of motion
  • balance
  • etc

Research shows that pre-surgery physiotherapy or hand therapy can help patient to shorten their hospitalization stay, get more mobile faster and go back to work faster.

It usually includes general exercises for general and overall strength, stamina, and balance; as well as some pain relief techniques.

2) Pre-SPORTS/ Pre-sporting event prehabilitation

This is moreso if you’re thinking of

  • picking up a new activity for hobby or sports, and either was very sedentary before, or had a series of injuries and pains and / or
  • planning to sign up for a special sporting event such as marathons, triathlons, matches etc

Pre-sports prehabilitation has a mix of general strengthening, stamina building, balance and flexibility training, then progressing in stages to activity- or sports-specific training.

For example, say patient A, John, is overweight, sedentary and hasn’t exercised for the past 5+ years and he decided to sign up for a marathon in 3 weeks time

He sprains his ankle on day 2 of jogging, and his friend asks him to come to us at for ankle pain and sprain physio. After we treat his ankle pain and start working on the injury, we will likely get him to NOT run during the coming marathon simply because (1) his ankle sprain will take 3+ weeks to recover, and (2) he isn’t conditioned.

We instead will start him on a progressive running program, which will first

  • treat and work on the ankle sprain, once that’s healed,
  • improve his overall body strength and stamina with training
  • work on joint and sport-specific strengthening
  • start the walking program, then progress to jogging then tweak speed and duration whilst preventing injuries and pains

Then go with him to the marathon =)

That’s one example of a patient who goes from sedentary to wanting to run a marathon.

Some patients may prefer badminton, or boxing, or tennis, or rock climbing, even sailing too, if that rocks your boat. And we’re here to serve and keep you playing whatever sports you enjoy.


Physiotherapy or hand therapy after a surgery is absolutely necessary because we help you to regain, rebuild and grow your

  1. range of motion of your joints, muscles
  2. strength & power
  3. stamina & tolerance
  4. balance
  5. overall recovery

We work closely with orthopedic doctors and healthcare professionals to create the best recovery programs for your post-surgery recovery.

Some of the treatments may include:

  1. manual therapy
  2. pain relief
  3. clinical pilates
  4. dry needling
  5. acupuncture
  6. balance training
  7. strength training
  8. ultrasound therapy
  9. shockwave therapy
  10. soft tissue management

and more.

Preparing in advance for pre-surgery physiotherapy AND post-surgery physiotherapy or hand therapy will help you prevent the common post-surgery issues, such as

  1. muscle weaknesses (or difficulty with activation or firing the muscles)
  2. scar adhesions
  3. joint stiffness or tightness
  4. deconditioning (rapid weakening from surgery)



Medically termed as arthroplasty, joint replacement surgeries are fairly common surgeries actually.

In a nutshell, this surgery replaces a damaged joint with an artificial joint, and is done by joint replacement specialist orthopedic surgeons.

The most common joints that are replaced:

  1. hip joint
  2. knee joint
  3. shoulder joint

These joints are damaged usually by:

  • osteoarthritis (the most common wear-and-tear joint problem)
  • fractures
  • tumours
  • avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis
  • post-trauma/infection arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • degenerative joint disease

Generally patients and people prefer to avoid arthroplasty surgery (not that it’s specific to arthroplasty, but more like avoidance to surgery if they can help it), but with planned pre-surgery physiotherapy and post surgery physiotherapy, most of the surgery-related issues such as pain or stiffness can be minimized.


We take a holistic, multi-disciplinary, experience and expertise approach to treating sports injuries and pain.

We simply subscribe to do what works, including

  • manual therapy,
  • clinical pilates,
  • ultrasound therapy,
  • shockwave therapy,
  • dry needling,
  • soft tissue management
  • acupuncture and
  • conditioning

Our goals for you:

  1. pain relief and inflammation management after an injury
  2. restore range of motion
  3. build upon strength, stamina and balance (and rebalancing imbalance)
  4. work and sports-specific training
  5. high performance maintenance and prevention of future injuries


Will my insurance cover my physiotherapy or sports rehabilitation therapy?

Most of the time, yes. That being said, always check in with your insurance agent and your human resource department on your coverage.

I’m happy to speak to them on your behalf as well.

What can I do for my pain or injury before / as I wait for my hand therapy / physio appointment?

Usually, to be safe, I recommend you rest your injury / injured part and elevate slightly whenever possible, at least until we’ve personally and professional assessed you and your injury, then we can advise you on what best to do or not to do.

Also, as we aim to see you with minimal wait time or days, your physio appointment in our Singapore clinics may be as fast as within 1-2 business days wait at most.

How does physio or hand therapy help with pain management for athletes?

Our physios and hand therapists have a number of healing modalities or treatments for active individuals and athletes, such as

  • manual therapy,
  • clinical pilates,
  • ultrasound therapy,
  • shockwave therapy,
  • dry needling,
  • soft tissue management

We will provide a customized pain management plan to your goals.

I dont have an orthopedic doctor, can you help recommend / I want a second opinion?

Of course!

We’d been working with orthopedic and sports medicine doctors since 2008, so we do know a number of very experienced and trustworthy ones (the kind that we will send our own family and friends to as well).

Go here.

What are some common sports-related injuries that physiotherapists treat?

Our physios diagnose and treat a variety of sports and sports-related injuries such as

  1. runners knee / jumper’s knee
  2. tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow
  3. shoulder rotator cuff tears or rotator cuff injuries
  4. muscle, joint and ligament sprains
  5. knee anterior cruciate ligament tears or meniscus injuries
  6. tendinitis and other tendon injuries or tendinopathies

We also treat post-surgery conditions such as

  1. knee ACL reconstruction
  2. knee or hip joint replacement
  3. shoulder rotator cuff surgery or bankart repair surgery
  4. wrist fracture

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