Do you find yourself aching all over and constantly tired?

Do you know the sports massage advantage to your muscles, body, normal living and sports?

Many people have constant tiredness and ache in their muscles and joints without clearly understanding the reason why, yet they choose to live with it. Interestingly, they become surprised when they find out that the thing that is contributing to all their aches and fatigue woes is also the same thing that will help increase their performance – yes, their very own muscles.

You see, for muscles to perform their best, they need to be well rested, relaxed and at their optimal lengths (when they’re not relaxed, they tend to be contracted to below-optimal lengths) for proper muscle contraction and relaxation. Otherwise, they’d have to put in more just to get the same amount of work done (it’s like have to put in 300% effort to get 80% of results).

What happens is that when they’re tense, they tighten and shorten, and what that happens, movements becomes clunky and chunky because our muscles are resisting our intended movement.

Below Optimum Muscles = Below Optimum Movement

We all have below optimum muscles, that’s a given. We all have muscles that are constantly shortened, tight, insufficiently nourished and rested (if you have higher levels of psychological stress, multiply this 4 times) because of repeated strains caused by poor posture and bad movement.

You may say, I’m not affected, I’m ok. Really, muscle tightness affects a whole range of people:

  • Office workers gets a lot of tightness in their necks, shoulders and upper backs and often get cervicogenic headaches caused by referred pain of trigger points
  • People who move about frequently often develop lots of pain in their heels, feet and ankles because of the tightening of the muscles and fascia from prolonged standing and walking and rushing
  • Individuals who travel/fly frequently often develop general tightness and ache globally from travel-related issues (difficulty sleeping due to unfamiliar beds, sleep lag etc)
  • Etc

To summarize quickly, all these below optimum muscle lengths will cause to have two main problems:

  1. aches and pains that either come and go or stay long term; and
  2. it’d hamper your productivity as it takes more effort to get something done.

Stuff that normally needs 30 minutes may set you back 60 minutes because of the aches and pains and the amount of rests you need to take in between. And with all the amount of stuff we have everyday…it can snowball quite quickly.


Stretching or heating muscles isn’t enough (it’s a good start), but tight and tensed, contracted muscles will benefit a lot from regular deep tissue release and sports massage sessions which is able to both treat those tight muscles and trigger spots and to prevent them from coming back.

Often patients don’t know the difference between clinical deep tissue massage or sports massage advantage versus the regular massage services and the benefits they carry.

Clinical deep tissue massage combines both clinical and deep tissue massage– it is a massage system combining solid massage techniques with sound clinical knowledge and techniques for therapeutic purpose.

Our muscles doesn’t just contain muscle fibres – really, it’s a super complex multi-structured physiological system which has connecting fascia, blood vessels, nerves and other connective tissues.

It’d require more clinical and advanced techniques to manage the smooth functioning of this muscle super-complex.


  • increase the blood flow to tired muscles, accelerating recovery time
  • break down the tight muscle knots in our muscles by stretching and flushing them out
  • bring the flow of blood back to the heart and the lymphatic system, crucial to achieving and maintaining a healthy balanced body
  • prevent micro-tears, ruptures and strains (a tight and tired muscles are often impaired due to adhesions, scar tissues and prevalence of lactic acid, which increases risk of injury)

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