Courses / Training Program

  1. My Back Pain Coach, suitable for individuals with back pain, sciatica or spinal stenosis to relief pain and symptoms
  2. Pelvic Floor Strong which aims to help women above 40 to strengthen their pelvic floor and core, to stop bladder leakage as well as tone vaginal walls and belly.

Splints / Joint Guards

  1. Neck
  2. Back
  3. Shoulder
  4. Elbow
  5. Wrist
  6. Thumb
  7. Fingers
  8. Hip
  9. Knee
  10. Ankle
  11. Foot
  12. Toes

Heat / Cold Therapy

  1. Hot pack (electrical / microwaveable / instant disposable) | Singapore: Bremed
  2. Infra red heating (electrical lamp, mat, portable/handheld)
  3. Cold therapy (reusable / instant disposable)

Walking Aids

  1. Walking stick (single point / foldable)
  2. Walking stick 4-point quadstick (narrow / wide)
  3. Crutch
  4. Walking frame (4 point)
  5. Rollator frame (2 wheels in front)

Sleep / Rest Aids

  1. Bed wedge pillow – helps with reflux and low back pain support on bed
  2. Bed wedge pillow set (4 pieces) – full set for more support with acid reflux / GERD, sleeping problem and painful leg/back
  3. Sleep mask
  4. Weighted blanket
  5. Cooling bed sheet

Pain Relief + Soft Tissue Healing Tech

  1. Ultrasound Therapy (clinic-grade, home use, portable/handheld)
  2. Radio-frequency
  3. Shockwave ESWT Therapy Machine (Clinical) – this is moreso used by clinicians, suitable for muscle and joint treatments
  4. TENS pain relief (digital)
  5. NMES pain relief
  6. Massage gun



  1. Free weights
  2. Kettle bell
  3. Exercise / therapy bands
  4. Pedal exerciser (hand / foot)
  5. Elliptical (portable/under desk / full machine)
  6. Wrist / ankle weights


  1. Pilates ring
  2. Pilates ball
  3. Pilates reformer
  4. Pilates split-pedal stability chair
  5. Pilates box and pole
  6. Pilates ladder barrel


  1. Yoga block
  2. Yoga mat standard / Yoga mat-sized towel / Gaiam premium yoga mat
  3. Yoga wheel cork
  4. Yoga wrist buddy yoga blocks

Balance Training

  1. Bosu balls
  2. Balance boards


  1. Scar reduction therapy to lighten and flatten scars that develop as a result of injuries, surgery wounds, chicken pox or burns
  2. Face skin gentle serum relief for sensitive skin that has facial redness and inflammation (specificly rosacea outbreaks)

Weight Loss


Self / DIY Treatment Courses


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